Joomla 3 & 4 Professional Recovery Services


Maintaining an up to date and secure content management system is the first step in ensuring the safe, continued online operation of your business.


Whether already compromised, or requiring a security strategy moving forward, our knowledgable Joomla developers & system administrators are available to help.

Joomla malware attacks

Quickly resolve unauthorised access & disruptive scripts.

Missing Joomla admin credentials

Regain access to your systems.

Cross-site scripting

Be protected against common attacks.

Failed or problematic extensions

Not all free & paid extensions are of the same standard.

Upgrade issues

Immediate upgrade assistance and future maintenance procedures.

Backup restoration

Help establishing and reinstating to backups.

Form and forum spam problems

Silence malicious and disruptive bot activity.

Joomla website speed

Improve page performance to satisfy users & search engines

SQL injection attacks

Safe and secure data is essential.

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