Northampton College see immediate results - More traffic, more applications

The latest college website designed by Qlue, the website uses the latest technologies and techniques to create a fast, responsive website that works beautifully on all desktop platforms as well as all popular devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones.

This ground breaking new site features a Course Explorer that allows users to see the college’s entire offering, much like a prospectus, with intuitive filtering so visitors can easily refine the list to just what they want. This feature has been integrated with course data on the college’s QL system so that the course offering is always correct and up to date. The Course Dashboard integrates with all popular course data management systems including Unit-e, EBS, REMS and ProSolution.

Finally, CareerMatch has been installed and configured to help aspiring students see just where their studies will take them.


If your website needs to work harder then please get in touch to see how Qlue may be able to help.

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