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Meet Qlue

Qlue specialise in the design and development of websites and digital strategies for FE & HE Colleges and currently working with the marketing teams of colleges across the UK, with the aim of increasing the numbers and quality of student intake.

Underpinning all of this is a suite of digital business solutions, giving our clients access to industry-leading hosting platforms, emerging technologies, and a wealth of technical and business support

Your College Toolkit

There are still far too many college websites that fall way short of the basic requirements - a simple, friendly, responsive user experience - so Qlue have been working with colleges across the country in driving traffic to their website, helping them find the courses they are interested in and offering clear routes to apply or enquire.

To achieve this Qlue has developed the FE Toolkit, a suite of web applications that integrate your website with your MIS systems, allow fast searching for courses, create personalised prospectuses and track users throughout the process.

Our development team is constantly investing time in developing new ideas that can improve the online user experience and wow web visitors to our clients' sites.

Automated marketing with Spotlight

However, all of these websites can do far more in helping marketing departments convert traffic into students, or at very least, applicants.

A lot of effort is focussed on encouraging traffic to the website. Once they arrive, how are they greeted by the website? Well, they are anonymous, you know nothing about them, so anything you do say will be focussed on what you have to offer, not what they may be interested in. For students that know what they want this works well but a large proportion of potential students are not sure, need help or need encouraging. Unless they actively ask for your help you have no way of contacting them and they may never apply. What’s clearly missing is the proactive transition from marketing to sales.

Want to know more? If you think Qlue can help you improve student applications, get in touch: or call 01732 523456

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