Cookie Manager

Our cookie manager for Joomla! is an essential extension that allows fine control over cookies that are stored on your site.

Cookie Notification

Displays a cookie notification on your website until a user has provided consent or changed their cookie settings.

Cookie Policy

Register cookie names and provide detailed descriptions in our easy to use interface.

Cookie Categorisation

Categorise your cookies into meaningful groups (Essential, Statistics, Performance etc...).

Cookie Preferences

Users on your site will be able to control their own cookies based on their preferences.

Cookie Filter

Blocks all first party cookies (server side and javascript) based on your users cookie preferences.

Cookie Law

Provides the tools to help make your website compliant with the EU Cookie Law.



Download & Install

Download the latest version of the Cookie Manager extension and install on your Joomla! website.

Register your cookies

Register your cookie names, set a brief description of the cookie and then place them into a category.

Sit back and watch

Sit back and watch the cookie manager handle your users cookie preferences and cookie notifications.


Download it now