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This extension is built for Joomla! 3. Please see their minimum technical requirements.


Once you have downloaded the Qlue Tabs package, you can then install this on your site. To begin, login to the administrator section of your website ( and go to the Joomla installer (Extensions -> Manage -> Install).

joomla admin install menu

On the Joomla! install page, drag & drop or browse for the Qlue Tabs package file. When the package has finished uploading, you will see a successful install message. If there are any errors installing, please take a look at our FAQs or contact us.


You can download the latest version of our Tabs extension from the Tabs Extension page. You can install this extention over the top of existing Tabs installations to apply the update.


To uninstall the Qlue Tabs extension, go to Extensions -> Manage -> Manage. Search for the Qlue Tabs extension and uninstall the "Qlue Tabs - Package". Uninstalling the package will remove all Qlue Tabs modules and plugins in a single process.

Download Tabs

  • Content Plugin
  • Custom Repeatable Tabs
  • Foundation & Bootstrap Layouts
  • Extra filtering options

Using the Tabs Module

Getting Started

To get started, first create the module in the Module Manager (Extensions -> Modules). Click New in the Joomla! toolbar.

You will be prompted to "Select a Module Type", search for our "Qlue Tabs" module and select. You will now be ready to configure the Qlue Tabs Module.


Using the Tabs Plugin

Getting Started

To get started, you must first make sure the plugin is enabled. You can check this by going to Extensions -> Plugins. Filter the plugin list by the type "Content" and search for the plugin labelled "Content - Qlue Tabs".